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ZX-Spectrum Games

This is my second project, which was founded in November 2001. On these pages you will find all information about games for eight-bit computer ZX-Spectrum. Every game contains detailed description and all games on web you can download from here. Except the games themselves, you can discover many tips, hints, solutions, maps and huge database of pokes. These pages are in Czech language only.


DVD Revue

The Internet Magazine, which write about DVD phenomenon. This web contains film reviews on DVD's, the list of software DVD players, hardware news (DVD-ROM drives, home theater hardware, Dolby Digital audio technology) and many other things, for example very interesting article about conversion of DVD films to DivX format. And of course I must mention, that pages are in Czech language only!


Quadrax III

This page contains the amazing logical game Quadrax III, which you can download without any charge, because this game is FREEWARE. The first version of this excellent game was already created in 1994 for computer ZX-Spectrum by Slovakian company Cauldron and it consisted of 50 levels. This version you can download from (of course you must own some Spectrum emulator). About one year later was released a version for PC, which offered better graphics and mostly a hundred new levels. This the latest version contains 45 difficult levels, so don't linger and try it. This page is in Czech language only.


The World of Spectrum

The best and the biggest official archive of games for eight-bit computer Sinclair ZX-Spectrum and the largest on-line gaming center on the Internet. Except the games themselves, you will find here a giant quantity of maps, tips, solutions, remakes, cassette inlays, emulators and other utilities. This web site is physical situated in Netherlands and all pages are in English, but you can also discover purely Czech and Slovakian games and that's sure very interesting.

The other site where you can find programs written in Pascal and Delphi.


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