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I divided all applications into two groups according to for what operating system were created. The first group covers programs for Windows and the other group represents programs for operating system MS-DOS.


Applications designed for Windows

These programs are among of all the latest and they are created in development system Borland Delphi. None of these programs writes anything into the system register or system directory of Windows. If you will want to uninstall some program, you can just remove its folder from your hard drive.


Chess Game Playerprogram for replaying games of chessEnglishCzech
Film Librarycinematic databaseEnglishCzech
Grafyapplication for editing and modification Eulerian graphsCzech
Icon Extractorprogram for extraction of icons from filesEnglishCzech
Mass Replacermass replacer of text strings in various filesEnglishCzech
Matrixesbasic operations with matrixes and determinantsEnglishCzech
MoveSubcomplex tool for editing and synchronization subtitlesCzech
No Czech Charsprogram removes Czech diacritic marks from text filesEnglishCzech
Procvičování slovní zásobytwo tests for learning foreign vocablesCzech
Přehrávač video souborůprogram for playing films with external subtitlesCzech
QuickStartpanel for quick launching of applicationsEnglishCzech
SplitCopyprogram for file dividingEnglishCzech
Tick Tack Toefamous logical gameEnglishCzech
Virtual Disk Managerprogram for creation of virtual drivesEnglishCzech
Zeměpislearning states and their capitalsEnglishCzech
ZX Maps Creatortool for creating maps for ZX-Spectrum gamesMultilanguage
ZX Screen Snapperutility for capturing screenshots from ZX gamesMultilanguage
ZX ScreensZX-Spectrum title screen viewerMultilanguage


Applications designed for MS-DOS

I created my first programs in Q-Basic (Editor Basic, Duch Pampuch, Tajná mise) and sometimes later in Pascal (Minové pole, Piškvorky). There are primary designed for operating system MS-DOS, but there are running even under Windows without troubles. Q-Basic programs are consist of source codes (*.bas files), because I didn't keep at disposition a compiler. All the people who know this development system can modify these applications as necessary. I would like to call attention that all programs are freeware, so you can ignore a notification about that the dispersion introduced software is punishable and strictly forbidden, which it shows after running. All the five programs are available in Czech language only.


Duch PampuchPacman variationCzech
Editor Basiceditor for creating graphics in Q-BasicuCzech
Minové poleremake of logical game, which is contained in WindowsCzech
Piškvorkywell-known logical game Tick Tack ToeCzech
Tajná miseexcellent detective adventure The Secret Mission Czech


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