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27. 8. 2013

ZX Screen Snapper 2.90 is now available. Two tools were added - Text Wrapper and Gray Pixels.


24. 10. 2010

A new version of ZX Screen Snapper was released! The support for Spud emulator was added and now you can capture screenshots from double size window (zoom 200%) of any supported emulator.


23. 7. 2010

ZX Screen Snapper 2.50 with the Scrolling Automapper Tool is now available.


28. 8. 2009

A new version of ZX Screen Snapper was released! PNG support and output zoom of screenshots 1x - 4x were added.


12. 7. 2008

A new design of this site is available. Enjoy it!


1. 8. 2007

ZX Maps Creator has been updated! Some bugs fixed, toolbar and status bar added, rotation about 180 degrees, three different definitions for stepping of images.


16. 6. 2007

Alberto Otero Mato translated ZX Screen Snapper into Spanish.


8. 6. 2007

Alberto Otero Mato translated ZX Screens into Spanish.


19. 5. 2007

A new version of ZX Maps Creator now supports maps with resolution up to 99999 x 99999 pixels. Also I fixed a bug with coordinates of upper left corner.


13. 1. 2005

In ZX Screen Snapper you can define a frame around the capturing screenshot, press F12 and set width, spacing and color of this frame. Important notice: There isn't possible to use polygons and frames at the same time!


12. 1. 2005

The bug with horizontal/vertical mirroring was fixed in ZX Maps Creator and it was added an offset setting in the Options window (F8). Now you can easy insert new pixels from the left/top of the picture.


29. 7. 2004

I fixed the impossibility to open pictures from CD/DVD in ZX Screens, from the version 2.03 you can also use cursor keys for browsing pictures, which are located in the same directory.


29. 6. 2004

Into the ZX Screen Snapper it was added the support for emulators Spin (version 0.5 only), SpecEmu, Fuse, WinZX32, ZX82 and Unreal Speccy.


21. 3. 2004

I added the support for EmuZWin emulator into the ZX Screen Snapper.


16. 3. 2004

In the application Film Library you can save your database as HTML page.


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