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Welcome to my pages. At first I would like to apologize for my English, because it isn't perfect, but I trust, that you will understand it. On these pages you will find all my programs and games, which I have created since I am satisfied owner of personal computer. Because I obtained my first PC thirteen years ago, the software collection is fairy large. All applications, which I programmed for this time, are situated in Software section. These programs are distributed as freeware, therefore you can download and expand them without penalty.


Except software itself, there are other things on these pages, which we describe them closer. In News section I will be invariably inform you about all things, which I add here. Tips section contains instructions, hints and documentations to selected programs, which you can download them from here. In Advertising section are situated advertisements about computer components selling (only for Czech Republic). The last item contains links on interesting WWW pages, which it behooves visit them.


These web pages are optimized for 1024 x 768 resolution, they are XHTML valid, therefore a support is established in all modern browsers. I tried limit all graphics symbols and pictures for maximum download velocity. The size of this home page is 40 KB only (including graphics). You must also allow picture viewing for correct depiction. This web is in Czech too, if you prefer this language, then click on the flag in the right upper corner of the screen. If you will have any questions or suggestions, send me e-mail at the address: pavero(a)


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